S. Knox Business Creates “Aight” T-shirt Design

S. Knox Business Creates “Aight” T-shirt Design

We were featured by the South Knox / Seymour Herald for our "AIGHT" t-shirt design. You can read the full story below:

S. Knox Business Creates “Aight” T-shirt Design

As VolNation watched the introductory press conference of new Tennessee head football coach Jeremy Pruitt unfold last Thursday, many minds were turned to the future of Tennessee football. Local T-shirt designer Ryan Willis, however, had one particular thing on his mind: Aight.

As the owner of the South Knoxville based apparel company MuleKick Brand, Willis’ mind was naturally focused on t-shirt design.

“I noticed he kept saying one word pretty regularly and pretty often,” Willis said of the press conference. “I thought ‘I really like this guy. He kind of sounds like me.’”

Within an hour of the conference’s conclusion, Willis was on his computer designing a shirt to match the new coach’s unique slang. What he came up with was fairly simple design; an orange base with a white silhouette of the state of Tennessee emblazoned with Coach Pruitt’s namesake “Aight.” After garnering attention from internet communities and coverage from local station WATE, pre-sales for the design proved to be more popular than either Willis or his co-owner and wife had ever experienced before.

Willis said that while he and his wife will likely struggle to balance their full time jobs with the massive influx of orders, he intends to begin shipping out pre-sale orders for the t-shirt design as early as this week.

The shirt, like many of the “hyper-local,” often South Knoxville related designs offered on the company’s website, are all part of an effort by the Willis’ family to represent the culture of their community through clothing.

“We wanted to be able to put some shirts together that the folks that we live around and work with and the people that we run around with are able to enjoy,” Willis said. “That was kind of the whole rationale behind starting the business, being able to offer super, hyper local designs and products not only where we live and where she (Willis’ wife) grew up, but where I was from (North Carolina), and to do so at an affordable price and a high quality.”

Mulekick Brand’s “Aight” designed shirts can be purchased at mulekickbrand.com.